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PlanWorks is a Licensed Insurance Agency that specializes in helping Medicare-eligible clients compare and select an Advantage Plan that Works for them! We are America's Health Insurance Experts!

  • PlanWorks specializes in selecting Medicare plans for disabled Americans. We understand the specific needs of SSDI beneficiaries when it comes to selecting Medicare plans.

  • Just as the process for getting approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) was long and complex, navigating the world of Medicare plans can be confusing. Don’t leave benefits on the table, contact PlanWorks today!

  • Medicare Parts A & B (Original Medicare) is the default Medicare Plan when you first enroll. By taking the "default" plan, you could be missing out on other benefits, such as free prescription drug coverage, free OTC supplies and reduced monthly insurance costs. There are lots of options, but with America's Insurance Experts on your side, you can be confident that you'll find the Medicare Advantage Plan that's right for you.

  • When you call PlanWorks you will work directly with a Licensed Insurance Agent who knows how to help you after your approval for SSDI. Each PlanWorks agent has established relationships with Medicare Advantage Plan providers nationwide. We will work with you to understand your financial and medical needs, and will present you with several options. Once you select a plan, we submit your request to the provider and they will issue your plan to you. You can contact your agent at any time and it costs you nothing!
Carriers we work with
Simply (Florida Only)
United Healthcare

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Your personal agent will help you find the plan that works for you!

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Review Current Plan

We help you understand your current coverage, needs and costs.

Understand Your Needs

Once we have a starting point, we are ready to compare other available Health Insurance options in your area.

Select a Plan

We help you compare different Health Insurance plans benefits and costs. Some Health Insurance plans are free to you, more cost effective than your current plan, and with additional benefits.

Submit Plan to Carrier

Once you select your Health Insurance plan, we submit your order to the carrier. Once your plan is received, we help you understand your new benefits and cost savings, and how to navigate the carrier's website to order supplies, review your benefits, and get comfortable with your chosen plan.

What our customers say


“They helped me understand my options, worked with me to add some bells & whistles to my Medicare and my monthly cost is LESS!”
“They were able to understand my medical needs and organized several options for me. I am happy with my plan now and PlanWorks didn't charge me a penny!”
“Having your own free PlanWorks agent was a life-saver for me! My medications are much less now, and I even got a gym membership!”
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